My First True Love

When I saw you

I think my heart split in two

I have never felt my heart so alive

My heartbeat went into overdrive

And my mind stopped working

I didn’t know what was happening

I wanted to say something

But you weren’t looking

I don’t know why I feel this way when I see you

But I know my feelings for you are true

I hope we can be together one day

Until then, all I can do is just pray


Legless Man

I see you almost every week after my last class

I walk down the stairs to the train platform and I see you there

Some look at you like there should be a safety glass

Others just walk by with out a single care

Many walk by and hope that the next person will help you

Then they take you out of their mind

Others walk past with that thought too

Why are we all so blind?

What is happening to us?

Can we not help a man in need?

This a topic people won’t discuss

And this world is filled with greed

We can say we have no money to give

But didn’t you just spend money on shoes you don’t need?

Is this how you want to live

But are you living if you don’t have a care to give?

Elevator Stranger

I saw you walking towards me

And I got mesmerized by your presence

I started getting thoughts about what we could be

You have an aurora of the heavens

How can you be real?

To my delight, we both were here on the same earth

Maybe we can help each other heal

And our happiness could have a rebirth

Because you looked worn down

And my emotions have been gone

I would love to see you walking in a wedding gown

I want to pray to Allah together before dawn

I want to ask if we could be together in heaven

But for now I will be asking if we can be together in a loving haven